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In the meantime, be sure to pick up STOMPLE, by SPINMASTER, exclusively in TARGET stores!

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Brand new design, same Multi-award winning game!

It's back and better than ever.  After having been off the market for a few years, it was brought back by customer demand.  It is an amazing game for 2019 and now in it's new design, bound to become a classic for you and your family.

Are all Inventors Crazy?

Stomple explained by the inventor,  His ego is so big he even starts listing some of the awards. Ridiculous! (When I get the complete list together I will post them here, I think there were a total of 11 awards given to Stomple that year.)

The release of Stomple!

When it was first introduced at GenCon back in 2011!

LIFESIZE STOMPLE!!! (though often requested, there was only one and we had too much fun playing with it to sell it.)

funny Video

A hilarious look at one of the first reviews on Youtube.  They are using the original wooden version.  The new hybrid has a sleek design, and a more reasonable price.

Stomple in Germany

I actually have no idea what they are saying, so I hope it is good!  Here is an example of the plastic version.  Reiner Knizia is a famous inventor with over 600 games published. When I met him at NYTF and we played several games of Stomple, he just said, "Congratulations, that is the best new game I have played in 2 years."

Quick Rule review

This is a quick review of how to play using the original game.  Check out the new hybrid of wood and plastic.  It is a brand new design, but the rules are the same.

Wait I have some questions!

Where are your other games?


Don't worry, as time allows I will showcase some of your old favorites, and where you might be able to pick them up! (Yea this is the real me just waking up.)



Well as you know I only license games to other companies.  I have not decided to self manufacture (yet), and several games are still under review.

How about Kickstarter?


I get asked this question a lot.  Especially for one particular game.  Well it is under review, if the company passes on it.  I may use that platform  to launch that game.  And to my faithful test players I know the exact game you want.  Stay tuned.

Totally Random thoughts

Creativity & Our Environment


Well for the most part San Diego is beautiful year round.  

And yes, there are times when we lack creativity.  That is when we head outside to watch our viciously, and well trained, hummingbirds battle to the death!

Or we read product reviews. And believe it or not they do really help. 

So If you like Stomple please write a review at Target or Amazon.

(No hummingbirds were harmed in the making of this webpage.)

Will you collaborate or give advice?


Well I am always willing to take time to share what I have learned as I have had some great mentors.  As for collaboration, maybe, send me a message.  DO NOT send me your ideas.  I might be working on something similar.

Self Promotion


Yes that is a picture of me with Stomple at a local Target store. 

 Don't you get samples?

 Well yes, but I have always purchased my own games, because if I am not willing to buy it, how can I expect you to be?

(Eventually they go to Toys for Tots)

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  •  Is it true that for all of your games, test players have made a drinking version? (Yes, almost everyone with adult test players.)
  • Will you post my video of our group playing Stomple?  (Sure if it is family friendly, short, good natured and funny.)
  • I tried to buy it but it was out of stock!!! (Actually that is good news!  But even better, Stomple games are once again available.)

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