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Welcome to GaZima Games!
The Next Generation of Interactive Family Games

Thank you for visiting GaZima Games. Located in beautiful, sunny San Diego, we strive to design innovative and exciting games for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you are a fan of party, card, dice, board, or strategy games, we have something for everyone.

With all of us having served in the United States Marine Corps, we are very proud of the men and women in our Armed Forces. Coordinating with other game companies, we have donated thousands of games to our troops overseas, schools, Toys for Tots, and local charities.

Thank you to all who have purchased and played our games. We truly appreciate everyone's support and feedback! Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. We hope you have as much fun playing our games as we do creating them!

Greg Zima, Founder and President, GaZima Games


Multi-Award Winner


Outwit, Outmanuever, and OUTSTOMP THE COMPETITION !
For 2-6 players
Ages 8 & Up



The Game that's the Life of the Party!
For 4-12 players
Ages 13 & Up


A card-slammin frenzy,
from start to finish !
For 2-5 players
Ages 8 & Up