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Greg ZimaGreg Zima
Founder & Inventor

Hailing from Michigan, Greg excelled in both academics and sports, which naturally drew him to enroll at the University of Michigan. However, after just a year, the call to serve his country lead him to the United States Naval Academy. Shortly after accepting an appointment to the Class of 1995, his athletic skills and passion earned him a spot on the Navy lightweight football team as a running back. In the off season Greg stayed active and sharpened his competitive edge as a powerlifter, becoming an All-American in 1994. During his four years at the Academy, Greg built a solid academic foundation, and graduated with a B.S. in Systems Engineering with Merit. He received a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and followed his passion for aviation, becoming a CH-53E helicopter pilot.

Greg received an Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps and moved on to pursue a career in financial planning. True to form, Greg’s career would be benchmarked with prestigious awards and successes, including top national sales person for the entire company. While helping others plan for their financial futures, he planned for the day he could pursue his dream - designing games.

In 2007, Greg founded GaZima Games, and his first game - Zip! ™ hit the market. Since then, many more successful games have been developed, including the multiple award-winning Stomple, Ratuki, and Party Gras. In 2011 Greg was nominated for "Game Designer of the Year."


Greg LaneGreg Lane

Greg and his two brother’s grew-up in a typical New Jersey neighborhood, but there was nothing typical about his love to disassemble, investigate and attempt to repair any piece of equipment in or around the house. This would keep him busy and his parents on their toes until it was time to head to the athletic field. His curiosity propelled Greg beyond high school and into the US Naval Academy. He graduated with the Class of 1994 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps; where later his mechanical curiosity would pay off.

Greg Lane in IraqDuring flight school, Greg quickly grasped the concepts of aerodynamic flight and complex aircraft system design. This keen ability strengthened his career as a Marine Corps helicopter pilot and continues to take him across the globe. Greg’s first commitment is to our country and the military, but we are very fortunate to have his continued contributions to the success of current and upcoming games. Greg's aptitude for tinkering, mechanical understanding of complex systems, and ability to bring games to concept from scratch, makes him a valuable asset.

With multiple games in the marketplace and more games beyond the board and dice game categories under license, GaZima Games is growing. You can expect to see the same growth to the GaZima Games team bringing to life the dreams and concepts of Greg Zima.


StefanStefan Maroudis

With an Ohio upbringing and steeped in Ohio culture, it was natural for Stefan to become a big Bucks fan. Throughout his childhood, Stefan would learn from his father, (dragging him mercilessly from a peaceful early morning slumber), how to fix the family cars or manage other projects around the house. These lessons and acquired expertise would serve him well both in college and later on. Stefan graduated in 1995 with a double major in Botany and Chemistry from Miami University in beautiful Oxford, Ohio. His mental aptitude, which he further developed during college, would translate into critical skills needed as a helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps. As fate would have it, this is where he would meet Greg Zima and Greg Lane.

Initially Stefan was a guinea pig testing several games; but Greg and Greg saw potential and he eventually began working with GaZima Games in spring of 2007. Some of his many contributions include creating prototypes, (often using his woodworking skills), refining game play and rules.

In October 2008, Stefan received an Honorable Discharge from active duty in the Marine Corps; however, he continues to serve our country by working in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Enjoying life in San Diego, CA with his wife Kristina, Stefan uses any excuse to play games, his favorites being soccer, chess, euchre, Axis and Allies, oh and more soccer. Stefan’s lovely teenage daughter, Mikayla, shares his passion for games and sports as well.



Greg Zima only intended to foster Max, but the curious and loving 2 ½ year old Pointer/Lab mix proved to be something special and Greg officially adopted Max in 2008. Rescued from a kill shelter by The Dog Squad (, Max came to Greg immediately after undergoing surgery, disoriented and melancholy. However, it didn't take long for Greg’s love and activities for that to change. Max regularly enjoys the outdoors, be it a long walk by the river or a day at the beach, he always has a smile to share. He’s very gentle and laid back, which makes him great with kids and other dogs. All these great improvements since finding his home with Greg solidified Max’s title as ‘Superstar’ and GaZima Games mascot! He sits, stays, and doesn't grab food from babies! Max has one bad trait; car sickness. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many trips since this turns him into a slobbery vomiting wreck when he enters any vehicle. Something we’re working hard on because Max is an official Therapy Dog! Max and the GaZima Games Team really hope to be visiting children’s hospitals soon so we can spread some smiles!